huntington beach handyman services
Professional Huntington Beach Handyman Services
Whether its a repair or installation our trustworthy handymen will get the job done fast. They are all certified professional handymen with years of experience assisting homeowners and business owners.
huntington beach handyman services
Customize Your Home or Commercial Projects Your Way
We listen to our clients needs towards their home or business establishment and will work hard to build it. Our handymen have all the tools and hardware needed to remodel your residence or commercial location. Need installations? Let us install it for you.


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Bits & Pieces Handyman Services is dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners within Orange County with affordable Huntington Beach handyman services. As a leading Orange County handyman company Bits & Pieces will ensure your repairs or installations are handled with a sense of urgency. With well over 16 years experience within commerical and residential construction and remodels our team has what it takes to exceed your standards. We will work hard to build the highest quality work and repairs towards your home or business. Feel free to call us 24 hours a day to discuss your building needs or if its an emergency. Many appreciate our emergency handyman services in Orange County because we are professional, on time, affordable, and most importantly reliable.



Residential and Commercial Handyman Services
Take advantage of our affordable Huntington Beach handyman services anytime you need professional installation services. Whether you're looking at installing new kitchen cabinets, a sliding door, new windows, vanity, wood flooring, or even carpet our skilled handymen have you covered. With years in commercial and residential real estate development our team know what it takes to turn any home into a turnkey property.
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Why put your hard earned investment in the hands of some greenhorn handyman when you can hire years of professional experience? Invest within your property through our hard working highly experienced handymen who can transform your home or business into the property you desire. Simply let our handymen know what you need done and you'll see why so many rely on our affordable Huntington Beach handyman services.
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We are experts in home remodels, business remodels, and repair services of various types. Having issues with your doors, windows, cabinets, kitchen appliances, or any other appliances in the home? No problem, let our affordable Orange County handymen get the job done for you. Looking at remodeling your kitchen, office, or specific part of your residence? Speak with us today so we can get to work and offer our professional handyman services today.
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Review from our clients
Just wanted to say thank you to the hard working handyman who helped me install my new skylights. My Wife was very happy to have natural sunlight in the home after all the years. It offers a warm light and charming atmosphere to our home and allows her to bring her favorite plants into the house. I'd recommended Bits & Pieces to any home owner or business owner looking for a reliable Huntington Beach based handyman.
Jack McGregor

Jack McGregor


It was embarrassing having clients come to my office when there was so many repairs that needed to take place! I had enough of the smug comments and decided to invest into my business through a remodel. It was very easy and quick all I had to do was let them know what was broken or needed to be remodeled and that was it. Your handymen were very nice and to the point, and they finished before the next day which was great. Once my old clients came back into the office they were pleased to see the new and improved office. Appearances make a HUGE difference in business so in many ways "perception is reality" to new or old clients. Thank you I owe you guys big time!
Allen Cohen

Allen Cohen


It took a while for me to convince my Husband to crack open our savings to invest in our home. He agreed and we both wanted a kitchen remodel. Not only did our kitchen remodel increase the value in our property but we have suddenly become the new place for holiday dinners with family or friends! Its amazing to know how something like a simple kitchen remodel can suddenly make you the talk of the family and now the official holiday place for gatherings. This is exactly what we needed and little did we know it would offer so much more than we anticipated. Thank you Bits & Pieces!
Kim Park

Kim Park